World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is almost up to us and many top player fans are really eager to take action on the biggest football platform. International exhibition, which is going on June 14, is the world’s best football players when host Russia takes Saudi Arabia Here’s a look to see the top five players as they please pitch for their countries this summer.

World Cup appearances: 3

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Lionel Messi, their unmatched attacking style, and drubbing ability, Russia is expected to be unstable for most of its opponents in the World Cup. His unbelievable run at the 2014 showpiece event, but Argentina did not have enough mass fire to beat Germany in the finals. However, this year, Messi can end his wait for a pseudo-major trophy with his national side.

The man, who regularly scores more than 50 bullets, gets 31 years old at the end of June, and this is probably the last shot to keep a hand on the World Cup trophy.

Despite its major achievements in Barcelona, La Albizelte’s all-time leading goal scorer is not able to translate the success of his club internationally. Argentina defeated the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 and 2016 Copa America finals, all of which failed to score.

Criticism has taken so much to him that Messi retired from international football briefly. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that their presence alone makes Argentina a terrible aspect.

World Cup appearances: 3

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the closest opponents of Lionel Messi, could not have been the fastest of those players, but he is still pretending to change a game in favor of his team at any given time. Destructive round-scorers for Real Madrid have many goals in the World Cup, Portugal’s national side are just three goals for Portugal and they would like to turn on what the last chance would be

34-year-old is a fantastic scoring and auxiliary machine. The world is not famous for its speed, skill and dying attitude, Ronaldo has always found a way to stay on top.

As long as he did not achieve success in the European Championships in 2016, Ronaldo was also suffering from the lack of international titles. Even in the serpents of his career, five times the Ballon d’Or winner, the Spanish veterans picked their third consecutive title, 15 goals in the Champions League.

World Cup appearances: 1

Neymar (Brazil)

Bright, efficient and confident, Neymar is the flag bearer of Brazil’s sixth world title. Like Messi for Argentina, Neymar makes the tick for Brazil. Paris Saint-Germain has scored 54 goals for his national team, the one behind Romario, who is third in Brazil’s all-time list, only ahead of PelĂ© and Ronaldo

Neymar’s injury removed Brazil’s campaign in 2014 because current holders defeated the host’s team 7-1 in the semi-finals. Brazil, which was no longer football heavyweight, but their fans had all their hopes for Neymar to reach.

The world’s most expensive footballer is now exposing the game for some time and has evolved into one of the best players of the world. The brilliant striker was side-drawn from the end of February when he had thrown his leg for the PSG in a league victory against Marseille, but he marked his return to a spectacular performance as Brazil scored Croatia in a friendly in Angel 2 -0 was defeated.

World Cup appearances: 1

Eden Hazard (Belgium)

In 27, Eden Hazard has already won league titles in France and England and collected 82 international caps. Why is Belgium being called as a serious contender for lifting the World Cup trophy, it is one of the main reasons.

In an extremely talented team full of cream Premier League football, Hazard stands for his speed. Together with its remarkable attacker vision, with its incredible drilling ability, Star Chelsea Winger can help Red Devils reach their real potential. He is excellent at finding a place among the defenders. He can be an incredible playmaker and can make himself some amazing goals

With Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne in their prime, Belgium, who were knocked out at the quarter-final stage in 2014, will be the team to beat in Russia

World Cup appearances: 0

Harry Kane (England)

One of the most interesting stories to follow in the fourth program of football, Harry Kane will be the deadliest striker of the Premier League. The 247-year-old, who scored 41 goals in all competitions in 2017/18, will be the forerunner of England in Russia.

Ken will be the most important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of three lions as the main striker will be expected to replicate his Tottenham Hotspur form with the national side. The team of Gareth Southgate, which has a lack of experience and pedigree, would like to shake the under-artist tag and the captain will have to take most of England’s hopes on his young shoulders.

Although Marcus Rutherford and Dale Ellie are England’s most exciting players, Ken is their most important player. They have to play their own A game for England, who have not seen World Cup glory in 52 years.

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