3 signals that make Barcelona finished the 2018/19 season

Barcelona ended the 2018/19 season with a flirtatious style, winning La Liga title but lost the Champions League and the Copa del Rey title respectively. As a result, Ernesto Valverde and Company are now looking for new legs to improve the squad and to give a more stringent challenge to European pride in the next season.

In this summer La Blegrana has been linked to a group of players in the transfer market. With some players hoping to embrace the exit door in the club, Barca fans can also expect a new face to reach the NU camp.Being told, let’s take a look at 3 such players who will make Barcelona invincible if they manage to sign them:

#1 Leroy Sane (Manchester City)


The future of Leroy Sane in Manchester City is still unresolved. After losing Gardinoola’s trust, the German Winger lost its place in the inaugural XI in Etihad and was being linked with the exit of the club.Bayern Munich is said to be in the position of Dhruv to sign a German invader; it is seen as the correct replacement for Franck Riberi on the left.

However, there is still a good chance for Barcelona that if they decide to pursue it Catalan works mainly in the 4-3-3 system, on the left side of which is the capture of the most expensive player of history, Philip Coutinho.

However, Brazil is much better when he works in a deep role in Liverpool; He is very far from a kind of replacement for Neymar, who had captured the left flank in front of him.

Sane can be fully fit in the slot knowing that he was one of the best players in the Premier League in that situation. The 23-year-old will add a much needed speed to the attacker’s front; some Catalan has remembered since Neymar’s departure.

#2 Christian Eriksen (Tottenham)

Barcelona is also scramble in the market for a midfielder or two summer, considering the possibility of signing autographs for Sergio Busquets and Ivan Rakitic. Tottenham Playmaker Christian Eriksen could fill in zero in the case of deciding to sell Catalan rackie

There was an important team in the Dane Wheel, because the men of Mauritius Pochetino had entered the UEFA Champions League finals and are currently considered to be one of the best opportunity makers in the world.

Barcelona has shown interest in achieving the services of Eriksen in the past and what is more, the player has also expressed the desire to leave himself Lilivits in search of a new challenge.

In that sense, La Liga veterans and 26 year olds are tailor-made for each other.The only hurdle in signing Eriksen will be that Barcelona will need a fork for its signature because knowing that the negotiator Daniel Levy is so difficult, will certainly not let his prized possessions go cheap.

#3 Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax)

This summer transfer saga for every football fan. Matthijs de Ligt has created waves in the football world with its strong performance and has a line of European heavyweight to stop horns for his signature.

Manchester United, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool are all interested in the services of the player, there is also a dispute with Barcelona.

Katellan was initially leading to winning his signature, but fell after the likes of Manchester United and PSG and swooped alongside the better pay package for the D-lig.

However, it is not known to say that the blograna is out of the race; Barcelona has many positives, even if finance is not one of them.

First and most importantly, the move of Frankie J. Jong to the Nony Camp, could lure the D-lig to follow the leadership of its compatriots. Secondly, knowing the talent and the quantity of maturity, he lives in such a soft age, if the Dutchman can improve if he joins with Catalan.


On Barcelona’s front, he will receive a very valuable protector as future successor to Gerard Peak; The D ligate can also fill the injured Samuel Umetti and make a strong defense.

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