FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money (40% increase confirmed by FIFA)

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money has announced the pool where he has allocated $ 791 million records for the prize money, clubs and players’ insurance fees. $ 400 million will be fully honored 32 national associations how they end in the tournament, where the final FIFA World Cup 2018 winners will earn $ 38 million Below is the complete breakdown of the money pool for the 2018 World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money Announced

FIFA has announced the pool for the  FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money, which is scheduled to take place in Russia. $ 791 million funding is allocated to the participants of the tournament. Total contributions increased by 40% compared to the 2014 World Cup, where the total contribution was $ 564 million. Of the 791 million allocated for the 2018 World Cup $ 400 million, 32 teams will be honored as a winner in 32 tournaments. Club benefit programs (for clubs who release their players for the World Cup)$ 209 million will be used for There will be insurance charges for the remaining $ 134 million clubs, which players are injured during the World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money – $400 Million

FIFA announced a 40% increase in the total prize money pool for the FIFA World Cup 2018 prize money, where $ 400 million will be distributed among 32 federations in the tournament. Every 32 teams will be awarded $ 1.5 million as partnering 32 bonus. Earning $ 8 million in team deleted from group stage The first knockout stage to lose the teams will receive $ 12 million, while quarter-final losers will get $ 16 million.
The fourth-place team will be $ 22 million, $ 24 million in the third place, $ 28 million in the finals, and $ 38 million to the winners home.

The difference between payment of the requisite prize money in the FIFA World Cup 2018 below the table and payment was made in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


Preparation Fee for 32 qualified teams$1.5 million each$1 million each
Group Stage (16 eliminated teams)$8 million each$8 million each
Round of 16 (8 eliminated teams)$12 million each$9 million each
Quarterfinal (4 losing sides)$16 million each$14 million each
Fourth Place Team$22 million$18 million
Third Place Team$24 million$20 million
Runners-up$28 million$25 million
Winners$38 million$35 million
Player Insurance fee$134 million$100 million
player by player payments to parent clubs $209 million$170 million

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money History:

In the last 5 World Cup, FIFA has increased the prize money with each tournament. The total award money pool for the World Cup in 2002 was $ 154 and thereafter $ 262 million in the 2006 World Cup. World Cup 2010 saw the highest increase in the 2014 World Cup after $ 420 million when FIFA gave $ 564 million in payment to the prize money, insurance and clubs.


World Cup is the main event of FIFA and 85% of the organizational revenues happen every four years from the World Cup. FIFA announced that on the basis of revenue, they expect to raise the prize money pool for each of the next 4 World Cups and this is the reason for that.

FIFA Revenue Details: FIFA earned $ 4.8 billion during the 2014 World Cup, while the total expenditure was about $ 2.7 billion, resulting in a profit of $ 2.1 billion for FIFA.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize money

Total FIFA World Cup 2014 revenue was $ 2.4 billion in TV rights, around $ 1.5 billion in sponsorship and commercial activities around the World Cup, while ticket sales were $ 550 higher for FIFA. The costs were included in the prize money for clubs and $ 576 million in insurance payments, $ 370 million in TV production, $ 470 million invested in the 2014 World Cup to help organize and Brazil’s legacy was “legacy” “$ 100 million was paid as a payment.A large part of the remaining profit will be invested all over the world for the development of football and FIFA will keep only $ 338 million in profit.

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