Hamilton wins controversial Canadian GP after Vettel’s firing after penalties

Montreal:Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix for Mercedes controversial style, because Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel first crossed the finish line, but was fined five seconds.

Vetell, who started from the pole, took a checker flag ahead of Hamilton on Sunday, but there was no celebration in the Ferrari garage because the fierce Germans were taken to the second place after slipping with penalty after being derailed. .


Under the pressure of Hamilton, Vettel threw the race at Lap 48, when it became very difficult in Turn-3 Chainen and went on the grass, came back to Britain just right before the circuit, which was forced to fast-break or Was being pushed. in the wall.


“I was nowhere to go. Seriously, I did not go anywhere,” said Vetel.

“They’re stolen from us.

Sebastian Vettel led Lewis Hamilton in Mobril.
Sebastian Vettel leads Lewis Hamilton
“No, no, no, no, no, no,” continued weightlift.

“Seriously, you need to be a full blind man to pass it and not control your car – where should I go?




“This is a wrong world, it is not fair.”

At the same time, Mercedes was asking Hamilton to just “stay in the weightlocked gearbox” and win a gift.

Hamilton said after winning the fifth season of the season and Michael W. Schumacher’s seven-win match on the island circuit, “I do not like the way I wanted to win.”

With the exception of Mercedes, some people in the crowd were feeling happy with the result, during the ceremony of the winners, Hamilton was smiling heavily, which seemed to capture Britain’s off-guard.

The verdict of punishing Vettel allowed Mercedes to expand its season-long supremacy, resulting in seven wins in seven races, which included five in each formation.

Hamilton’s Finnish teammate Volterie Botas was fourth.

Unhappy Ferrari secured the other two positions on the podium, Vettel finished second and Charles Lecller finished third.




Australian driver Danielle Ricardo

                                                             finished the race for sixth position; This is his best result in this season.

After the race, Vettel jumped from his car and disappeared for a while.

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When he came again, doing marvelous march in the podium ceremony,He stopped Hamilton wins to remove the number 1 marker in front of Mercedes and replaced it with number 2.

Vettel made it clear that he was not directing his anger in Hamilton, but reserved for all his poisoning for the steward.

“People should not boast on Louise, because you saw what was going on; I do not think there was any intention to be in the path of harm,” said Vitel.

“I had trouble staying on the track, but people should not booze on Louise; if anything, then they should boil these fun decisions.”

The more trouble can go on the way to German with fines and with fines and penalties for the post-race weight and pars firms missing.

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