Asia Cup 2020 was handed over to Pakistan. This tournament will be played before September T20 World Cup in September next year. Due to not playing in most of the ICC member countries in Pakistan, this tournament can be played in the UAE. The Pakistani team plays their home matches there. In Singapore, the decision to host Pakistan in the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting was decided on Tuesday. This tournament will be played in T-20 format.

According to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sources, “In the ACC meeting, Pakistan said that it will organize the tournament in its own country, but the decision of the venue of the tournament will be decided with the members of the ACC. The decision will be taken only after seeing the political and security situation in Pakistan. If the situation was against Pakistan’s match, Will use the places. ‘

Pakistan match in UAE: The BCCI on the
other hand, an official of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) told the news agency, “The decision to play matches in Pakistan will be done entirely by the government, the board will accept whatever decision the central government will take. It seems that the way BCCI did in the UAE last year’s tournaments, the same decision should be made by Pakistan. “

Asia Cup 2020: Asia Cup to be played in Pakistan, Team India will not play tournaments!

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting was held in Singapore. In this meeting, ACC, which organizes the Asia Cup, was given Pakistan host to the next Asia Cup. According to the meeting of ACC, Asia Cup 2020 will be played in Pakistan. With this announcement, questions have been raised about the defending champion team India playing this tournament. It is being said that the Indian team will not play in Pakistan.

The Indian team may not be able to participate in this tournament because of the tension between the Indo-Pak tensions and political tension in the political relationship. Earlier, in the 2018 Asian Cup played in Dubai, Team India defeated Bangladesh in the captaincy of Rohit Sharma in the Asia Cup. This time around this one-day Asia Cup is scheduled to be played in Australia in 2020 before the T20 World Cup starting in September. 

However, it has also been decided in this meeting that the tournament can be shifted to Alternate Venue. If India-Pakistan does not agree with it. BCCI CEO Rahul Johri was also present in this meeting, which was held in Singapore. Apart from the Asia Cup, this meeting was also held in the Asian Games. However, Asian Games will be held in China, then the Indian team can take part.  

Let us tell you that there was no single bilateral series and international series in Pakistan since the attack on the Sri Lanka team in 2009. However, last year the West Indies team played three T20 matches in Karachi but no international tournament has been played in Pakistan for nearly a decade. Even the 2011 World Cup host was also stripped from Pakistan because in 2009 Pakistan team was attacked. 

It is also important to know that India has not played a single match since the year 2008 on Pakistan’s soil. After the Mumbai terrorist attack, there was a crack in the relations between India and Pakistan. Even after the terrorist attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir in February this year, relationships have worsened. 

Earlier, the Committee of Adminestratrats Vinod Rai had taken the letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) and said that the League would end membership of terrorism-sponsored countries. These letters were directly related to the India vs Pakistan match in World Cup 2019, to be held in Manchester on June 16. After the Pulwama terrorist attack, the letter sent to the ICC was rejected by the ICC.   


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