Results for WWE RAW June 10, 2019: Winner, Grade, Video Monday for Last Monday Night RAW

Seth Rollins kicked RAW and gave us a recap of Brock Lesnar’s beating in Jeddah. Corbin came out and announced that he pulled the string backstage and got himself a rematch for the Universal Title in Stomping Grounds, but this time, he could choose the guest referrals of his choice because the final WWE RAW June 10 official had disappointed him.

Rollins was wondering who was dumb in favor of Corbin and Sami Zain who came out to say that title is making Seth mad. Rollins threatened to kill Zane’s ** and Kevin Owens came out through Wildcards to defend his friend.At this point, Rollins was completely disappointed and he asked Keo to join the ring. Prior to the end of the section, the two decided to title a title as the main event WWE RAW June 10 .

Lars Sullivan vs Lucha House Party – Elimination Match

WWE RAW June 10

Sullivan wasted no time and he started things against the castle. They took two drawers, but did not even flint. A large Urienagi of Sullivan pulled out the whistle.
Calisto is eliminated
Lisson Doreado was next. Before trying out with Powerbomb he tried with a storm and failed.

Lins Dordo is wiped out

Sullivan hit Gran Metalial with powerbomb and pinned it but stopped. He obstructed the pin himself, went out and destroyed the calisto, bowed his spine on the stairs. He went back inside, put the metalic, went for a pin but stopped again.

He went out and put Lance Dordo for the first time. He again entered the ring and killed him with a headbutt, before he pinned him and celebrated his fallen body.


The result: Lars Sullivan Diff. Lucha House Party

Match Rating: B

We cut backstage and R-Truth was being followed by half roster. They ran into a lift but the officers were out. The elevator was stuck and the superstar got stuck in an uncertain position.

Becky Lynch and Lesbian Evans were being interviewed in the backstage. Becky went after Lecce, but Evans said that Lynch did not know her. Lynch said that the cost of all the Becky One championships till date is now, but now he was fully focused on that. Interview ends with two women, insulting each other.

Special guest Samoa Joe with Miz TV

WWE RAW June 10

Samoa who came out claiming that he had never lost the United States Championship and Ray Mysterio stole it. He said that he won it back, but after disagreeing with The Midge, after giving title to the name of Ray, who showed the video to win the title, and who attacked him on the back and cast him out.

The Miz brought to the fore the fact that before the Braun Storman was shown, Ray’s son was threatened. Lashley also came out, followed by Ricochett and Cesro. A dispute broke out and we moved into a six-man tag match.

Section Rating: B

Cesar, Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe vs. The Miz, Ricochet and Braun Stroman – Six Tag Player Match

WWE RAW June 10

The Miz was being single by the Heel team and they were trapped in their corner before tagging Ricochet and taking control of the match. Ricochet was taken down by Lashley and Miz again removed Lachella.

Bron Stormman entered the second team and decimmed. Who escaped from Running Powerslam and caught the United States Championship and fled. Storman tried to follow them, but Lashley killed him Spear. Lachele pulled out with a splash with Ricochet. The Miz pursued it with Scary Crushing Finale at Caesareo, with Bailey Marie and Ricochet 630-splash for victory.

The result: defeated Braun Storman, Ricochet and The Miz. Cesaro, Samoa Jo and Bobby Lashley


Match Rating: A

There was a tag team match between Bayy Lynch and Belle versus Alex Bliss and Lacey Evans.

Lacey Evans went for a second rope moonsault, but Lynch withdrew from the way. Evans found himself flat on his stomach and managed Bliss with a tag, while Lynch managed to handle Bailey too. Belle was a vicious and hit a huge powerbomb in Turnbuckle.

Evans broke the pin and succeeded in keeping the lynch out on behalf of Nicky Cross. In the ring, Evans struck Belle with the authority of a woman, Bliss tried a twisted bliss and failed, but Evans hit another woman’s right to win.


Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens, with Sami Zain as Guest Referee

The Sami allows time to time to give Seth with his hands over and over from time to time. Rollins was bleeding with his brow and KO blasted his assault by executing his attack. Rollins fired back with a sling blade and when Coo struck his signature saint, he knocked his knees.

Both men supercocted each other and Rollins added upper arm with an enzugi. Zayan was in the ring and prevented Rollins from becoming a finisher. Keo went for roll-up but Seth got kick out. Rolins hit Stomp and got the pin when Sami pulled the official out of the ring.

Rolins hit Sami and Sion called the match DQ Finnish.

Result: Kevin Owens beat Sath Rollins via DQ

Baron Cobin attacked the Rollins after the match but Sarth fought them and the Corbin retreated. Seth grabbed a steel chair and destroyed Sami with it. Prior to being fully satisfied, Rollin became stumped on Zain’s head.

WWE RAW June 10

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