Will there be IPL auction in 2020?

If there is no major change in plans, the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction for 2020 is likely to be held in Kolkata on 19 December.

Sportstar understands that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has already informed eight franchises that the trading window will close on 14 November.

The auction is traditionally held in Bengaluru, but the last time it was held was in Jaipur on 18 December. This time too, it will be a small auction with the franchise allocated 85 cores to do its favor for the tournament. Apart from the balance from the previous auction, the franchisee also has an additional Rs 3 crore.

One of the owners of the franchise said, “We have been informed that all trading should take place by November 14 and the auction will take place in December. We are waiting to hear more in due time.”

BCCI top officials aware of the development have confirmed that Delhi has the largest purse available in the capitals (Rs 8.2 crore), followed by Rajasthan Royals at Rs 7.15 crore. “The auction will be a one-day affair and teams will have good purses to bid on,” said a board official.

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