There are 7 things in WWE Summerslam 2018

Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York is ready to host the third edition of WWE Summerslam. With thirteen games written for the upcoming show, its history is expected to be the longest.
There is no doubt that this Sunday is going to be a long night for the WWE Universe, which adds to the fact that there may be some amazing things in the store for the fans. Money in the bank agreement along with nine championship lines are there, giving enough permutations to go to Wear were

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Here are the top seven shocks which can leave the WWE Summerslam fans awe-struck this Sunday.

#1 WWE Summerslamer Randy Orton attacked Shinsuk Nakamura


In the last one month, Randy Orton has kept his eyes on Jeff Hardy. This Shinasuk has come as a breathing for Nakamura because “Viper” has set the most basic task for it.

“Legend Killer” has said on the record that he will do the same thing as he wants. Not only does it add to the unexpectedness of their attacks, but also stops mysterious element in their story.
Everyone is hoping to execute the attack on Jeff Hardy, as has been done in the past few weeks. However, “King of RKO” can hunt on Japanese superstar this Sunday. Anyone, especially Shinasuk Nakamura, it will be coming.

In addition, it opens the possibility of a triple-throat angle for the United States Championship. In particular, Randy Orton lost Jeff Hardy to the same championship before he retreated due to tearing a Maskskas in his left knee.


#2 Brock Lesnar has been cheated in WWE Summerslam

Brock Lesnar has made more enemies in WWE Summerslam than anybody else during his tenure. The last two inductees were not expecting any of their attacking lists, Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman.

A few weeks ago, Brock Lesnar gave Raw Generalman a thunderstorm F5 when he was rude to fire Paul Heyman. The Olympian has said on the record that the current Universal Champion is the worst. He wants the championship to change hands to get better control over his show.

Apart from this, “animal incarnation” saved Hemne’s work, but he also put his hand on his hands. Although Hayman has revised with Lesnar, there is no secret in his secret nature. Maybe he could win back his client’s confidence, so that he could spend the WWE Summerslam championship.

#3 Failed cash Money in the Bank

The night of WWE Summerslam will determine who will keep the money in the bank contract. Not to mention, Brock Lesnar and Roman governance will be with each other at the most appropriate time to cash the contract later that night.
Although the first match will determine who will become Mr MITB, it does not stop the other person from interfering during the cash. It becomes more interesting before that because the first match does not want to be a rival, the champion ends as the night

#4 Mizoraje (B-Team) helps Miz to defeat Daniel Brian

There is a match on Daniel Brian vs. Miz Card with the longest history associated with it. Both superstars will put in everything in order to win this match.

Although the leader of “Yes Movement” is ready to take over Midge, he may have forgotten about the last request made as General Manager of SmackDown Live. He was the one who caused the disintegration of the mizagridge.


#5 Family cost AJ Style your WWE Summerslam championship


Jo Style will face Samoa for the WWE Summerslam Championship, people who will dream of, how many people will call In particular, because of their killer tendencies and unpredictability, Samoa, General Manager of SmackDown Live, Pege intervened.

On SmackDown Live last week, Samon read a letter in front of the WWE Universe, because he was facing the current champion. Challenger noted that the champion likes to stay away from his family to wrap the WWE Championship around his waist. Ironically, he claimed that this letter was written by the daughter of AJ Style.

#6 Eden attacks on English Rousseau


In the last few weeks, Eden English has unknowingly spent matches for bringing along Ruesve. Now man and his wife and mixed tags are ready to face their opponents in the match, but Eden will be sitting during SummerSlam.

The “Englishman” can take exceptions and choose to spend the match on his friends. If this happens, then it will not be a mistake at this time.

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