WWE SmackDown Live Preview and schedule july 2018 : WWE SmackDown Online Streaming result : Aj Styles’ next title challenger

WWE SmackDown was a great episode, while Stephanie also made a historic announcement. Now is the turn of the blue brand, which can give them a good match for the fans. General Manager Page has already booked some of the bouts. While AJ Stiles will have the most views. Summerslam’s build-up will be seen. Meanwhile, WWE SmackDown Championships AJ Stiles can get a new challenger.
Jeff Hardy and Nakamura are engaged in hostility but Randy Orton has interfered in this. On the other hand, the champions of the champions Carmela are going to face backie Lynch for their pride. At the same time, the tag team will tell the tournament and tell the match. Additionally, Daniel Bryan and Midge will build up for SummerSlam.

Let’s look at what this may be happening at WWE SmackDown this time.

WWE SmackDown Becky Lynch and Carmela’s face

WWE SmackDown
Last week, Backy Lynch had challenged Carlena after winning, after which Page declared that Carmella would face Lynch in a non-title match. If Becky Lynch wins this match then he will get a title match at SummerSlam. It is necessary to see if backie lynch can maintain its wing streak or not.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship


WWE SmackDown

On Sunday, the page stated that the coming few weeks would be of the tag team championship tournament. So this week, the New Day and Sanity match are going to happen. In this tournament, SmackDown’s tag team will take part and win the championship match against the winning superstar Bljin Brothers. See who wins in the first round.

WWE SmackDown Will Randy Orton cause the attack on Jeff Hardy?

WWE SmackDown
From Extreme Rules, Randy Orton had attacked Jeff Hardy. Jeff has lost his US title against Nakamura. Randy had a tremendous attack on Jeff at SmackDown last week. It is being speculated that Randy will tell about his plans this week and the announcement of Triple Threat match for the US Championships at SummerSlam can be announced.

WWE SmackDown Daniel Bryan and The Miz will take a new turn

WWE SmackDown
Last week, The Miz made fun of Daniel Bryan and Ken, whose revenge Brian attacked at Midge. Brian and Miz’s antagonism is old, whereas in SummerSlam these two are almost certain. Now we have to see how the storyline of these two makes a new turn this week.

WWE SmackDown Who will challenge WWE Champion AJ Stiles?

WWE SmackDown
AJ Stiles defeated Rusev in Extreme Rules and is now looking for Styles Challenger for SummerSlam. Hopefully, Samoa, who will now challenge the Stiles or Ruesov, can also present their claim. It is believed that Samoa versus Stiles will be in SummerSlam but it can also be made Triple Threat by making changes in plan. What is the significance for this week’s championship in WWE SmackDown?

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